What students/parents say about the camps

Every year I ask the participants (and their parents) to give me some feedback that I could add to this blog, and here are a few things they’ve written:

From this past summer (2019):

  • “(My child) thinks that math is fun now!”
  • “____ loved how the games reinforced concepts from the lessons.”
  • “I like the Mr Bixby’s teaching style and the resources he provides.”
  • “__________learned about several new topics of interest. He loved the team contest/game that I believe was held on Thursday.”
  • “_____liked the games and Pascal’s triangle lesson.”


From years past:

What did you LIKE BEST about the camp?:  “What I liked best about the camp was the opportunity to learn about new areas of Math that I could have never learnt at my school. I also loved going deeper and deeper into the learning of complicated areas of Math that I am quite fond of (probability being one of them).
This was the BEST class I have attended in my life. Other classes are dull and they tend to get boring and I begin to lose my interest. But this class had something in it that always kept it interesting and made me eager to keep learning.”

What did you LIKE BEST about the camp?: “What I really liked about the camp was how we, the students, could go up to the board and present our solutions to the class. That way we could see what we did wrong or what we could’ve done to improve our solutions.
I loved the class, and I learned a lot of new information that I had never even heard of!”

What did you LIKE BEST about the camp?: “I loved learning the shortcuts and learning test taking strategies and team strategies.
It was also super to learn what things I need to have memorized to make my performance go faster like memorizing the squares and cubes and primes.
the camp got me really pumped up for this season. My teammates and I were able to set goals for our individual performance and our team goals. I think we already have an advantage for our team thanks to Mr. Bixby being so generous with his coaching knowledge.”

What did you LIKE BEST about the camp (from a parent)? “I liked that your camp kept my child engaged in math over the summer and got him excited about the math team and competitions for the upcoming year.”
What would you recommend I do differently next time?: “I liked the format. My son liked your teaching of math skills and the test taking. He’d love to have more of these opportunities.”
From the student: “He taught me a lot. He taught me many skills that may help me at any time in Mathcounts competitions. Also he was very nice while teaching those skills.”
From the parent, again: Mr. Bixby did a great job teaching mathematics techniques and skills to my son. This camp helped him remain engaged in math over the summer. My son really enjoyed the opportunity to develop his math skills at this camp. It got him really excited about his school’s math team and the math competitions during the upcoming year.

What did you LIKE BEST about the camp?: “I liked the fact that they were different levels for kids with different experiences regarding competition math. I like the fact that it was only half a day, leaving time for something else as well.”
What would you recommend I do differently next time?: “Nothing! Everything was perfect.”
If you are willing to share a positive review that I could post on my blog in the future, write those thoughts here. (Thanks so much!!!): “We are so lucky that we have such excellent math summer camps right here in Colorado! All too often quality camps are clustered on the East Coast or in California, which makes them almost unaffordable. It is also great that there are three different levels, allowing kids with different math contest experience to be adequately challenged and learn a lot. Although the camps are only three hours a day, the time is used wisely and very efficiently, and the kids still have the afternoon to enjoy the summer.”