About Mr. Bixby


This is my 17th year of teaching, and I love it more than ever! I’ve had the pleasure of coaching the Colorado team at the MathCounts National Competition three times, and I look forward to more opportunities in the future (I am currently the coach for this year, 2017, for the third time in five years).

I love teaching all levels of math, but as someone who is deeply driven and fiercely competitive, I have found that math competitions offer a unique level of challenging problems and fun competition. For students who are bored with the traditional curriculum, the tough problems in math competitions offer them a challenge that often they can’t find anywhere else. That’s the good news. The bad news is that learning to tackle these problems takes lots of dedication and time. That’s what these camps are all about–giving the kids the time and guidance to help them solve those wicked problems, while surrounding them with other students who share that common drive and common passion for math!

A bit more about me:
–I (shockingly) just recently received the “MathMovesU Math Hero Award” from Raytheon.  Click here for more info.
–I graduated from Colorado College in 2000, where I earned a degree in Math (and played on the soccer team!).  I’ll be finishing my Masters Degree in December (in Curriculum Studies, from UNC).
–I taught English in South Korea in 2003-04, which deeply shaped my philosophy of education (seeing the students at school often until 11:00 at night)
–I have two young children….which has ALSO deeply shaped my philosophy of education (seeing the importance of taking breaks and living a balanced life!)

I am super-excited to be able to work with these amazing kids! Please contact me anytime, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can: coloradomathcamp@gmail.com