About Colorado Math Camp

If you LOVE MATH and LOVE A CHALLENGE, this is the place to be.

At Colorado Math Camp, we do math competition problems, but the atmosphere is not competitive. We just focus on the math, on learning new strategies, on NOT being intimidated by tough problems.

We have three groups: Elementary (3rd-5th grade), Middle School “Intro” (5th-7th grade), and Middle/High School “Advanced” (7th-10th grade).

If you’re NOT interested in the camps, but would still like a good math challenge, click on the links to the side.

Thanks for a great summer!

It was WILD (like everything this year!), but we had a great time with our 2020 virtual/Zoom math camps this past summer!

Hopefully we’ll be back in person next summer (fingers crossed!), but if we’re “remote” again, I’m confident that it will be a good experience for all.

See you in 2021!!!