No math competition experience is required in order for students to participate and enjoy the camps, but the main goal of the program is to practice and learn new strategies for tackling difficult math problems. The camps are not “tutoring” or “support” classes, but are rather aimed at students who are looking for a challenge, and an advanced math experience. Many students who join the camps do have previous math competition experience, and are participating in order to improve their performance.



As we’ve done the last few years, we’ll be offering three levels:

Elementary (for students entering 3rd-5th grade in Fall 2021)

Middle School “Intro” (entering 5th-7th grade in Fall 2021)

Middle/High School “Advanced” (entering 7th-10th grade in Fall 2021)

Dates for Summer 2021

**all groups are full, but feel free to register to get on the waiting list

Elementary Group – June 21st – June 25th

Middle School “Intro” Group – June 21st – June 25th OR June 28th – July 2nd

Middle/High School “Advanced” – June 28th – July 2nd

Elementary Group

Many of the students may have no math contest experience, and that’s fine!  We’ll have a lot of fun, while also introducing many of the major concepts involved in math competitions (prime numbers and factors, area and perimeter, introductory “counting” problems).  Some content will come from Colorado Math League contests, Math Kangaroo, and so on…but much of the activities will also be original content aimed to inspire and challenge these young “mathletes,” and introduce them to the type of problem solving they’ll need for all math contests.

Middle School “Intro” Group

Most of the students are entering middle school (though 5th and 7th graders are also welcome), and plan to participate in MathCounts and the AMC8 math contest.  The main goal of this group is to introduce the students to the major threads of middle school math competitions:  Geometry, Counting, Number Theory, and Algebra.  Each day we’ll focus on one of these topics in detail, doing problems from the actual contests they’ll do in middle school.

Middle/High School “Advanced” Group

Most of the students will have had some middle school math competition experience, but want to improve their skills and their performance.  The content, as in the Middle School Group, will focus on the main math competition topics–Geometry, Counting, Number Theory, and Algebra–though at a much higher level than in the previous group.  Much content will be taken from higher level MathCounts (State and National), and from the AMC10 contest (which students can take up into their 10th grade year).