Summer 2018

You’ve made it to the right place!   If you love math and are interested in improving your problem solving skills, and your math contest ability, and also getting to know some other students who love math, this is the program for you!

We’ll have two weeks of camps this summer, with two groups going during each week:

June 25th – 29th (Elementary Group, 3rd – 5th Grade)

June 25th – 29th (Middle School “Intro” Group, 5th – 6th Grade)

July 9th – 13th (Middle School “Intro” Group, 5th – 6th Grade)

July 9th – 13th (“Advanced” Middle and High School Group, 7th – 9th Grade)


Here are some basic descriptions of each session:

Elementary Group:   this session is meant for students who love math, and want to be challenged.  They may or may not have done math contests before, but in these sessions we will begin learning some of the essential skills and strategies necessary for math contests in elementary, middle, and high school, such as “seeing a pattern,” and “working backwards,” or “logical reasoning” and “drawing diagrams.”  We will also play some games each day to have fun, get to know each other, and apply our problem-solving strategies in new and fun ways.

Middle School “Intro” Group:  this session is also meant for students who love math and love a challenge, and it’s again okay if students haven’t done math contests before (and even if they don’t intend to do contests in the future).  In these sessions, we’ll focus on the essential math topics that form the backbone of middle and high school math contests, such as Geometry, Counting, Probability, Number Theory, and Algebra.  We’ll do dozens of problems from various contests, such as the AMC8, MathCounts, the Purple Comet, the Colorado Math League, and more.

“Advanced” Middle and High School Group:  this session is meant for students who have done math contests (such as those mentioned above) in the past, and who desire to improve their scores and their abilities on those contests.  We’ll mostly do problems from the AMC10, higher-level MathCounts rounds, and the high school Purple Comet.  We’ll also do some “olympiad-type” problems and proofs, such as those from the UNC math contest and the AIME exam.



The costs for each of the above sessions are $220 for the each week.


Times and Locations

Times:  Each summer camp session goes from 9am to noon, every day. See the “Terms and Conditions” page for the cancellation policy.

Locations:  I’ll determine the exact locations as soon as possible, but all the sessions will be in the SE Aurora area, probably in a church or library (most years we’ve had the camps at the Smoky Hill Public Library on 5430 S Biscay Cir, Centennial, CO 80015)



The teachers are still to be determined. Matt Bixby will most likely teach the “Advanced” session (week of July 9th) and one of the two groups the week of June 25th.  Click here for more info about Mr. B 🙂   The other groups will be taught be excellent, experienced teachers and math contest coaches.