2020 Registration Open!

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We’re back for another summer of math camps!  We’ve been doing these for close to 10 years now, and they just keep getting better!  Here are some of the main highlights:

  • Students get to do challenging (and fun!) math, and learn many of the tricks/shortcuts/strategies that they’ll need in math competitions.
  • Students get to meet and work with other students like them (who love math, especially when it’s challenging and tricky!)
  • Camps only go from 9am to noon each day, so students still have the rest of the day to do “summer stuff!”

The main question I get every year is “How competitive are the camps?”  The answer (I think) is “Not at all!”  It’s true that we do advanced math, and we practice for math competitions, but the structure of the camps is not competitive.  It’s about having fun and learning!  We’ll do math problem sets, play logic games, play fun number games, have a break/recess each morning, and (hopefully!) have fun and learn a ton!

About the locations:  The camps take place in the Denver Metro area (usually in SE Aurora), but in past years students have come from all over the globe to participate! In the past, we’ve had a student from China and a student from Hawaii!  And we always have students from Fort Collins, Boulder, Lakewood, and as far south as Pueblo or even Telluride!  The exact locations are still to be decided, but most likely near Cherry Creek reservoir.

About levels:  This year (as in most previous years), we’ll be offering three levels: Elementary (for students in 3rd-5th grade), Middle School “Intro” (5th-7th grade), and Middle/High School “Advanced” (7th-10th grade).  If there’s enough interest in any particular level/age, we’re prepared to offer a second group for that level.  For more information on the content/level/structure in each group, click here.

Dates for Summer 2020:
June 22nd – 26th (One Elementary Group, and one Middle School “Intro” Group).   The exact location is still to be determined. 
July 6th – 10th (One Middle School “Intro,” and one Middle/High School “Advanced” Group). The exact location is still to be determined. 

To register, click here, or go to the registration page.

If you have any questions, please email us at coloradomathcamp@gmail.com