Thanks for another great summer!

Hi all! Thanks to everyone for another great summer of Math Contest mini-camps!
It was one of my favorite ever!  Thanks to Christy and Kevin for teaching again.  And thanks to the kids for their boundless perseverance and enthusiasm.

Good luck to all this year, in math class and math competitions!  We’re entering the first “season” of math contests now, with the UNC High School Math Contest in late-October, followed by the AMC8 in mid-November, and then the Rich Morrow Math Challenge (for elementary) in early-December.

There’s lots and lots and LOTS of practice and information on this website:

Then there’s AoPS and AGMath and so many other great websites out there!   But you’re always welcome to contact me with questions (though I don’t often check my camp email this time of year…..)

But good luck to all, and thanks again!!!!!