Upcoming Workshops ! ! !

~ ~ ~ Hi all ~ ~ ~

Another “math contest season” is upon us!

I *finally* have a bit of time (done with my Masters Degree at last, woo hoo!), and I’m excited to be able to offer some contest workshops in the next few months!

Depending on what age you are, you may be participating in some of these upcoming competitions:

  • The Final Round of the UNC High School Math Contest, up in Greeley (Jan 20th)
  • The MathCounts Chapter Round (early Feb) and State Round (mid March)
  • The AMC10A (Feb 7th) and 10B (Feb 15th)
  • The Colorado Math League (Feb 20th)
  • The Purple Comet (April 10th – 19th)

Click on the Winter/Spring Workshops tab to see the upcoming workshops (in January – April) in which we’ll prepare for these contests….and just do some awesomely hard problems!  If you’re NOT going to take these contests, but would like to attend the workshops anyway, I’d love to have you!

A quick note:  I just happened to check the recent AMC8 scores, and 5 of the 11 students on the “Distinguished Honor Roll” have attended my camps.  Also, in the recent MathCounts Chapter Round (Metro), quite a few of the top kids were “Colorado Math Campers.”  Congrats to them!!  

For more information on me (Matt Bixby) or these workshops, click the “About Mr. Bixby” tab.